Word of The Year Workshop

Word of The Year Workshop

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The Word of The Year is a personal growth workshop for like-minded women. Kind of like a new year’s resolution that will actually last.

You will go through a detailed and guided process including meditation, drawing, and connection to boil down your goals and aspirations to find a single word that resonates within you.

In the end you find your word, and it'll be your north star for the year. Something to ground you and remind you of your goals and intentions throughout the year.

This workshop will be led by Dimple Mukherjee, an occupational therapist for over 25 years with additional certificates in health coaching. She has been doing the word of the year practice for 8 years.

WHEN: December 13th, 5pm - 7pm

WHERE: Grit & Grace at 170 Ossington, Toronto

TICKET COST: $50 per person
Your ticket includes the in-person workshop, an exclusive 10% discount at G&G after the workshop, refreshments and light snacks

• favourite pens or colouring tools for the art portion
• your own journal, this can be one you are using or start fresh with something new 
• wear something comfy

We love offering this workshop to our community to create space for inspiration, growth and connection with yourself and others. Hope you'll join us!