Alina Leather Mini Skirt
Alina Leather Mini Skirt

Alina Leather Mini Skirt

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This Alina Skirt is the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe! Luxuriously crafted from genuine leather, it's buttery soft with a smocked waistband for a chic, comfortable fit. Reach for this mini skirt and you're ready to rock any and all special occasions.

About The Brand

CULTURE is the raw and the feminine. It is the comfy and classic and the dressy and detailed.

We represent what you know, but also challenge tradition. We make our clothes, for you to make your own voice.

When times change we adapt, develop and transform.
We focus on combining the exclusive and stylish with the comfy and casual. We combine the rich fabrics with the comfy and soft, the earthy tones with the colourful statements and the dressy details with the classic silhouettes.

It is all about embracing the opposites and grasping the transformation with a positive mind.

Discover the best in you and choose your path.

We urge you to be you.

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