2023 Word of the Year Workshop

Grit & Grace is hosting a Word of the Year Workshop lead by Dimple Mukherjee

Are you constantly chasing your next goal? Are you looking for better ways to start and sustain good habits? Searching for a magic formula to eliminate procrastination?

We've all been there...

Goals, New Year's resolutions, habits, strategies, and techniques are buzz words for "success." But research has proven that resolutions are ineffective within a couple of months. And after a certain time, these processes lack both luster and life. What if I told you there is another way? Another way to feel inspired, fulfilled and successful. Imagine that?

Perhaps it's time we choose a new process for getting what we want. What if you transformed your shoulds into desires?

It's a simple practice focused on calling in a Word of the Year. Rather than setting goals or resolutions based on improvements or "fixing" something, you can lead life with a word that symbolizes your intention for the year ahead. Your word can allow all parts of your life to integrate, synchronize, and work in unity.


The power of your word of the year can only be truly recognized through commitment and dedication. Regular engaged presence is key to unlocking your word’s energy. 


In short, having a word inspires you to create experiences that are aligned with your purpose and values. I'd love for you to experience what a difference one word can make to your life.

Join us by reserving your ticket today. CLICK HERE to sign-up. 


Join us at Grit & Grace Clothing in Downtown Guelph on January 14th as we come together to call in our 2023 Word of the Year with the help of Dimple Mukherjee.
We were thrilled to host Dimple's Word of the Year Workshop virtually in 2022, and we cannot wait to meet in-person in 2023!
WORKSHOP: Word of the Year
DATE: January 14th, 2023
TIME: 10am to 12pm, followed by private shopping with an exclusive discount.
LOCATION: Grit & Grace Clothing. 24 Wilson Street, Downtown Guelph
TICKET COST: $75 per participant.
Your ticket includes access to the workshop, the downloadable workbook, a glass rosé while we gather, as well as an exclusive discount on your shopping after the workshop. 
To reserve your ticket, please visit the eventbrite page HERE.
Want more Word of the Year? We recommend getting inspired by reading Dimple's book! ---> Word Of The Year - True Stories About Intentional Living Using the Power of a Single Word
Dimple Mukherjee smiling at the camera.
Dimple is an Occupational Therapist and a Coach with over 25 years of experience. She believes in the healing power of self care and deep connections to invite in a fulfilling and happy life. Dimple has dedicated the past few years to learning and understanding how profoundly our words can shape our lives.