Women's Wellness Stitch & Bitch Circle in Guelph

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Women's Wellness Stitch & Bitch Circle
In Honour of International Women's Day!

Date : Wednesday March, 8th : 6:30pm-8:30pm, followed by private shopping!

What :
Join our community for a casual 'Stitch & Bitch' focused around women's wellness! We have two amazing speakers who will be guiding the conversations. We're coming together to connect, share and learn about two interesting topics : 
1. Mental health during perimenopause through the post-menopause journey!
2. An informative conversation about women's bone health in Canada, and learn about a new, game-changing technology that will help us be more proactive about our own bone care.

What you need: Dress comfortably, and if you like - bring along any knitting, mending, or small handheld crafts to work on while we chat! But knitting/crafting is not mandatory to participate in this Stitch & Bitch!

Cost: FREE

RSVP: This event is FREE to our guests, but we do ask you to RSVP by March.6th.
Just add this event to your cart and check out with your details, we will contact you before the event to confirm your spot!

More Information:

Topic 1: Mental Health and Menopause with Monica Pease, MSW RSW
Menopause: You're not going crazy, you just didn't get the memo. Learn what might be coming (or is already happening) so you can be prepared to manage the transition from perimenopause through to post-menopause. Facilitated by a post-menopausal mental health counsellor who didn't get the memo. This event will be structured like a casual conversation with friends, in a safe space to discuss, share and learn together.

This conversation is for all ages, Monica is passionate about connecting and having conversations about perimenopause through to post-menopause with females (individuals born with ovaries) at any stage of their journey. Monica shared with us  
"If I had known in my 30s what I learned in my 50s, my life may have looked significantly different." 

Monica is a wealth of knowledge and experience! She is excited to share what she has learned with you, and listen to your experiences too! Join us in the conversation this International Women’s Day! We’ll have rosé, snacks, followed by a special discount for shopping our newest arrivals.

About Monica Pease
MSW RSW #819059
Registered Social Worker Psychotherapist
IG : @guelphmentalhealth

In addition to a tiny private counselling practice, Monica works in primary care and that means she receives mental health and counselling referrals directly from family doctors and nurse practitioners. Individuals, especially females in the peri/post-menopause stages, often show up in her office with sudden concern that there is something wrong with them. In addition to the public-facing symptoms like hot flushes, body changes, hair loss, and skin changes, individuals can experience an onset of mental health symptoms including emotional dysregulation, poor sleep, anxiety and depression. Self-esteem can take a hit during this time, especially if health care providers don't have or make the time to truly empathize and validate these experiences. We have to do this ourselves.

Topic 2 : Bone Health - How Strong are your bones?  Echolight Bone Scan Technology, a standard in Italy, now available in Canada!
Margaret Wallis DuffyR.M.T., C.I.M.I, C.P.C.A. Therapist, and  Valerie Romanello, Registered Holistic Nutritionist RHN, are passionate about starting conversations with women about preventive bone health care.  Women are more at risk of developing osteoporosis than men because they start with lower bone density and they lose bone mass more quickly.  Margaret and her business partner Megan Buhmester, Registered Medical Sonographer - have teamed up and with their company OsteoSound, are working towards bringing more awareness around bone health with this game changing technology from Italy.   The EcholightS Bone Scan mobile system, uses REMS Technology ( Radiofrequency Echographic Multi-Specterometry). Utilizing an ultrasound beam combined with radiofrequency to get a reading, not a diagnostic image, calculates both bone mineral density and a Fragility Risk Fracture score, a measure of bone quality or bone strength.  It is currently used as the standard in Italy for bone health care. It is Health Canada Approved.   It is safe, accurate, quick and produces a full automated report in minutes, with empowering information beyond the current option we have access to in Canada.   We are very excited to help bring this bone scan technology to our Grit & Grace community this spring!

During this event we will have an in depth conversation about why it’s important to be pro-active about your own bone health, you will learn about the standard technology used in Canada currently, and why The Echolight is a better option! You will also have the opportunity to pre-register for the next Bone Scan Day using the Echolight Technology, at G&G Guelph.