Paradise Cardigan
Paradise Cardigan

Paradise Cardigan

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Take the plunge into fall fashion with the Paradise Cardigan! This cozy staple features stylish design to ensure you look great, while keeping you warm and stylish on those chilly autumn days. Embrace the season and look and feel your best with the Paradise Cardigan!

About Penn & Ink NY

PENN&INK N.Y started with the simple idea, sprouting from impressions formed in our youth. Our fathers and mothers taking off their suits and ties the moment they got home from work. Living their days in uncomfortable clothes: we knew that couldn’t be the meaning of this life. This formed the basis of our collections, our inspiration. This is how our well-know travel quality was born.

We think it is important that you always wear what suits you. We want you to feel comfortable and yourself in our clothes. You don't have to follow trends. Once you've found the perfect item you don't want to replace it. It's not just for a season, it's for a lifetime. 

Comfort, Classic, Timeless and Sporty.