Livia Dress
Livia Dress
Livia Dress
Livia Dress
Livia Dress

Livia Dress

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The Livia Dress is short with full bell sleeves, a crossed V neckline, and matching belt to cinch. The print is the most cheerful yellow and pink floral, perfect for all of your summer adventures when a dress is needed (when is a great dress not needed!!)

We are very excited about our new partner's Concepcion Miranda from beautiful, sunny Costa Rica - Their values align with our mission, female owned and operated with social, ethical, and sustainable fashion standards are at the core of everything they produce! #slowfashion

About The Brand

In Concepción Miranda all of the pieces are made with love, under the pillars:
Ethical / Social / Sustainable.  

All the pieces are 100% handmade in an artisanal way and circular economy in Costa Rica. 

orn under the vision of Maureen Vega Vega and Nathalia Concepción Miranda, as a contemporary womenswear brand rooted in Latin femininity that reinterprets the idea of modern design through a sustainable lens.  Their entire universe exists with the intention of empowering women who are in control of their own stories. 

Concepción Miranda is committed to creating pieces that aim for social justice and ecological integrity with a beautiful lasting appeal, creating a ladder of opportunities for many other women in Costa Rica where all her pieces are created under pillars of ethical fashion, slow fashion and under the Pre-order system decreasing the waste of raw material and our environmental impact.

Learn more about the amazing women 

 collaborates with to sew their gorgeous garments HERE