Frayed Gauze Top
Frayed Gauze Top

Frayed Gauze Top

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We are Thrilled to welcome Pistache Apparel to our shop!

The Frayed Gauze Top is made for hot summer days and sunsoaked destinations, when you just need a light layer with effortless style.

Style Tip - Pair with our Linen Lounge Pants for a casual chic look


Pistache offers elevated essentials that stand the test of time, providing women with versatile wardrobe options that span seasons, ages and lifestyles.

Inspired by the effortless simplicity of nature. Not driven by trends, we focus on developing pieces that will not phase out, but rather grow and evolve with your wardrobe.

Solely produced in Italy

From our local Italian factories to local shops across North America, we embrace a ‘local-to-local’ philosophy, ensuring we never lose sight of our core brand values. We invite you to join our culture of kindness, eco-friendliness, and eternal fashion by adding Pistache to your closet.